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Club History

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The Davistown RSL Womens Bowling Club was formed in 1974 and the first meeting was held on 8th April of that year. Twenty-six members formed the foundation of the club. Initially the club had no clubhouse or greens of its own and new members were coached in the intricacies of the game by Mr. Seabrook from the Terrigal Club. The Tom Scott Green was officially opened on 27th November 1975 and the first clubhouse was ready for use on 28th July 1977. The second green was opened on 21st July 1979 and was called the Albert Brown Green.

In 1982 the RSL Club moved from its early site in Paringa Avenue to its new site beside the bowling green and it was suggested that the new RSL Club building could accommodate the bowing clubs. However, this did not suit the bowlers and a new clubhouse was built overlooking the two greens. This was opened in April 1987 and was greatly enjoyed by all the bowlers until it was destroyed in a disastrous fire in April 1990.

Eventually it was decided to renovate and extend the RSL Club and these extensions included a bowls office. The renovations were opened in 1994 and improved with further extension and renovations in 2000-01 which provided the facilities we enjoy to-day.